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Now you can grow your practice, attract new patients
and boost your bottom-line profits…
without working harder than you do right now!
(In fact we think it is only fair to warn you…
you might even start to work less!)


Dear Doctor,

What I’m about to say may sound counter intuitive… but you can actually make more money practicing dentistry while working much less.

It’s actually alarming how much the average dentist works to only earn a mediocre income. You carry enormous responsibility and liability performing delicate procedures on patients which takes years to learn. You benefit your patients personally, physically and emotionally and increase the quality of their lives.

Yet dentists’ incomes are modest and flat compared to other professionals and many other business owners. A recent survey of dentists more than 50 years of age found that 63% plan to work beyond age 65! Source: ADA, Dental Workforce Report, October 2012

Isn’t it time for Dentists to be Dentists again, instead of going at it all day long, feeling like an hourly worker?

Does the idea of building your Dental Practice into a thriving one excite you? Would you like to create a practice you can sell when it comes time to retire for a tidy 7 or 8 figure sum? Or do you just want to have better quality patients so you can perform the dentistry you enjoy?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions…then you are in the right place!

I’d like to introduce you to a new way of doing things that can quickly change your practice…

You see too many Dentists like yourself work way too hard to build their practice and sadly have hardly anything to show for it. And I have some bad news…

If You Don’t Do Anything To Improve Your Situation Right Now…
It Will Only Get A Whole Lot Worse In The Future!

The current oversupply of dentists in Australia will lead to challenging times ahead as outlined below…

“There are many more dentists in training than are needed to replace retiring dentists over the next decade… it is reasonable to say the market for dentists is saturated or somewhat oversupplied.” Source: ADA Dental Workforce Report, October 2012

“AUSTRALIAN universities are turning out too many young dentists, many of whom are struggling to find work, industry leaders have warned.”
Source: Sydney Morning Herald, January 12, 2013

Many Dentists mistakenly think the longer they are in business, the more their practice will grow. But the reality is each year becomes a repeat of the previous.

Sound familiar?

In years gone by, it was usually enough to hang up your shingle as a Dentist, send out a few flyers and have an ad in the yellow pages… after that, your practice was set, the patients and business would roll in!

But today consumer trends have changed.

Flyers are thrown in the bin unless they capture the recipient’s immediate attention … the yellow pages have been replaced by internet searches as patients look for societal proof researching businesses through social media sites. To the untrained eye, every Dentist’s shingle looks the same.

You may not be aware of this, but you are drowning in a sea of indifference! To new potential patients, all dental practices look alike and do the same thing. You deserve to stand out, have a point of difference and be recognised for what you do.

The interesting fact about dentistry is, there is a huge need for it in Australia as these figures show…

Fact: 50% of 12 year olds have tooth decay in their permanent teeth.
Fact: There are 57 dentists per 100,000 people (or 1 Dentist per 1,754 people)
Fact: 33% of adults aged 25 – 44 have untreated tooth decay
Fact: Total expenditure on dental services in Australia in 2011 -2012 was $8,336 million!
Fact: Only 66% of people aged 5 and older visited a dentist in the past year
Fact: 20 % of people avoid visiting the dentist due to cost (1994 – 2010)


Although these statistics prove there is a definite need for dental care… there is one question which begs to be asked…

Why Are So Many Dental Practices Barely Able To Pay Their Running Costs And Not Make A Huge Profit?

After all, everyone needs dental care. So why isn’t your practice making the money it should be?

Is it the economy? Is it disloyal patients? Is it the discounting dentist down the road? Is your practice in the wrong location?

I have some bad news and then some good news for you…

The bad news is surprisingly… it is none of the above.

The good news is… there is something you can do about it.

Hi, my name is Darryl Phipson and I have been helping everyday businesses like yours unlock their profit potential for over 25 years now. Please make no mistake… your practice is a business and needs to be treated like one to be profitable.

My success began in my own businesses and once people noticed my results… they asked me if I could help them to get similar results in theirs. It seems I have a solid track record of helping entrepreneurs and dentists find the hidden money in their business and turn their finances around quickly.

I have been able to do this before the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), during it and afterwards.

Isn’t It Time You Were Successful Too?

Now before you think this is something you’ve heard before I can assure you that what I’ll reveal is something you’ve never come across. You won’t need to see more patients or spend more money on advertising or marketing. Your practice can become a streamlined machine which will allow you to focus on practicing the best option dentistry you can.

I’ll show you how to develop the skills to help patients perceive the immediate and urgent need for care and understand the value of best option dentistry.

If they don’t perceive the need for it, the value is irrelevant.

This is a new way of approaching business so you can quickly transform your practice permanently until you retire, which can be much sooner than you imagined. You know it’s not just about making more money, that’s just a nice side benefit of helping more of your patients achieve better dental health by accepting your best option dental care.

It’s also about your team who will benefit greatly as well.

You see when your office makes money, so will they. When incentives are correctly structured they are a great motivator. I’ll show you how to create a winning team where your staff will want to be 110% behind you. They’ll be interested in more than just the money as they eagerly seize responsibility to ensure that they achieve their goals.

But this isn’t all about work. I’ll share with you how to work so you’ll be helping your family. You’ll be able to really be there for them when it counts. You can physically and emotionally be present at your children’s or grandchildren’s sports events and special school functions… or just be there to witness them growing up without being distracted by your practice and finances.

Did you know that a recent study found that the major factor in 47% of dentists that divorced since starting practice was financial related stress?

Now, I Know You Are Probably Sitting There Reading This Thinking “What Does This Guy Know About Being A Dentist?”

… and that is completely natural. If you weren’t thinking it… you should have been!

Just so you know who you are dealing with:

  • Although I am not a dentist, I have helped business owners, including dentists, add $100,000’s to their businesses profits
“From scratch to local market leader in competitive industry. Over $1,600,000.00 in sales thanks to Darryl’s assistance.”
– Col Pickering
  • As a direct marketing expert, I’m considered to be one of Australia’s top business opportunities specialists by my peers
  • One of the businesses I currently own is a multi-million dollar manufacturing business that I have established as the dominant market leader in its area. Here I get to pick and choose who I want to work with. And I’ll show you how you can get similar results in your practice. I spend 2 days a month at this business as a result of the systems and procedures that I’ve implemented

“We Are Very Happy With The Direction Our Business Has Taken!””

australian dental seminar“(We) concentrate on and now specialise in an extremely lucrative niche market. We are very happy with the direction that our business has taken. Thank you for helping us start and build it from scratch.”

~ Jason & Philippa Morrissey, Orelia, WA

  • Products and business opportunities I have created have featured in every major Australian newspaper and in numerous business magazines here in Australia and internationally
  • I have appeared as a front cover feature in the prominent Australian Business and Money Making Opportunities Magazine
  • With over 25 years of hands on experience in emotion based direct response marketing, business building and management, I’m a sought after coach, mentor and managing director for a few carefully selected successful companies
  • I have produced numerous marketing and business building guides that have been renowned in the Australian small business sector.

“Simple And Easy Steps…”

dental marketing Australia“I have studied financial services, read at least 20 books and there was still a large amount of knowledge unknown to me within your manuals. I describe them as “Simple and easy steps to build a respectable and profitable business.”

~ Frank Nulty, Windsor, NSW

  • My businesses have won many prestigious awards including:
    • Australian Retail Association: Retailer of the Year for Queensland and the Northern Territory
    • Westpac Bank: Best Emerging Business Award
    • Commonwealth Bank: Best General Retail
    • Bowman Award: Excellence In Small Business
    • Redlands Retail Awards: Excellence in Customer Service
    • Plus a host of Finalist Awards

darryl phipson business awards

Darryl featured on the cover or ABMMO Magazine and some of the numerous awards his businesses have won.

  • My business success has been officially recognised and I’ve been personally congratulated by numerous members of parliament including formal recognition of my efforts on behalf of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and his party at the time.

But this is not all about bragadoshia. In fact I’m quite the opposite. I merely want to convey to you that I was blessed with a gift for business.

dental marketing success australia

Letters received from Members of Parliament and other prominent figures commending Darryl on his business success and achievements.

So Now You Know A Bit More About Who I Am… Allow Me To Explain Why I am Passionate About Dentists and Their Success!

My sister in-law is a Dentist in Greece and when the infamous debt crisis hit in 2010…Greece was hit hard! Her Dental Practice experienced a phenomenal decline. Patients stopped coming in for recall and were only scheduling for emergencies when in severe pain. And then there was the issue of still getting paid…

Understandably she was beside herself with worry and fearful of losing everything she had worked so hard for.

A similar thing had happened in some of my own businesses here in Australia during the GFC, so I helped her showing her how to turn her Dental Practice around.

In a short space of time her practice had:

  • A near full appointment book again.
  • Her old patients coming back for regular check ups

PLUS: She also attracted a lot of new patients with her marketing, growing her practice by more than 200%! She became the “Go To” Dentist in her area leaving her peers to scratch their heads wondering how she did it.

“200% Growth in Dental Practice” – Dr Kiki Tsapakidou DDS

Helping her gave me a great insight in to the dental world and how hard you work to keep your practice running. And I thought it was time “someone” here in Australia helped dentists unlock the earning potential within their practice so you can stop having to work so hard, decrease your stress levels and start enjoying life again as it should be.

That “someone” turned out to be me.

Although, sometimes I am asked…

“If You’re Not A Dentist… How Can You Possibly
Help Me With My Dental Practice?”

Great question and there is an easy answer to this – because not being a dentist gives me an objective view of your practice.

Think about this. When you were at university they taught you about providing essential dental clinical skills like prepping a crown or giving a painless and profound mandibular block, patient treatment plans and even working within a multi-disciplinary dental unit. However, how much did you learn about growing your dental practice? Attracting and retaining higher paying patients and distinguishing yourself from other dentists in the market? Chances are, none.

Although you are required by law to do annual CE, do you educate yourself on how to grow your practice and EFFECTIVELY market it? This is probably the most critical skill you can have apart from your dental education and it is where the real wealth in your practice lies.

When you own a dental practice, you are still a dentist but you are also a business owner. You take all the risk, are liable for all operating expenses, but most importantly you have the livelihoods of yourself, your family and your staff to consider.

A common problem with all business owners is they go into business because they have a passion for what they do. However, within a short period of time they realise they are in over their heads and getting ahead can be like trying to swim upstream against a strong current.

It’s not their fault because they have never really been shown how to be a business owner or how to market themselves effectively.

“Our Business Is Starting To Take Off!”

profitable dentist marketing“Since putting this concept into action over the last three months, the business started to take off and we are now at the stage where we are able to sell to the general public as well as to the commercial / hospitality industry. Throughout this process you have always been very helpful and a calming influence.”

~ Anil and Melanie Batra, Zillmere, QLD
Ozone O3 Cleaning Products

Something I know about business is… whether you are a manufacturer, retailer, a cafe owner, sell cleaning products (like the couple above) or you’re a dentist… the foundations of running your business are the same.

You need to have patients and you need to make a profit so you can stay in business.

Sure, the technical side is different. However, in order for you to do the technical side of your practice… you need patients.

And to get them into your practice, you need a Patient Attraction and Retention System. This is where great effective marketing comes in.

So the advantage of me not being a Dentist is, I can help you more because…

When You Are Too Close To A Situation…
You Can’t See The Solution You Are Seeking!

Have you ever looked for something in the fridge or cupboard and couldn’t find it? Yet when you asked for help, the person finds it right away!

Embarrassingly, it was right in front of you but you couldn’t see it.

Your dental practice is the same. A fresh pair of eyes helps to find new ways of solving old problems and identify issues you are unable to see.

I have to warn you though, the strategies I use are not a “get rich quick” scheme or a “magic pill.” However when used properly, they can transform your practice into a thriving cash generating machine.

The only reason they wouldn’t work for someone within the dental industry is because of the attitude of the doctor using them.

Henry Ford said it best…

“If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.”

What has worked in every other industry can and does work in the dental industry. And I am willing to prove it in your practice.

My goal is to help you build the necessary team, decrease the stress and increase the enjoyment of practicing dentistry along with increasing profit for the practice, the team members and you, the Doctor.

I have studied some of the world’s leading dentists collecting the best practice acceleration strategies, techniques and tips, and have put them into an easy to access and simple to implement program called…

“Dental Profit Secrets”

Now you can start to tap into the hidden profits in your practice. ATTRACT and RETAIN more patients like a flock of hungry seagulls to a chip, even with the same amount of excitement, by offering best option dentistry.

With the Dental Profit Secrets program, you’ll experience practice growth like you have only ever dreamed about.

This program is unlike anything you have ever come across before

Many seminars and weekend courses leave you all hyped-up and ready for action. However, back at your practice on Monday morning your team doesn’t share your same enthusiasm and within a few weeks your plans and ideas fizzle out. Sound familiar? One of the first things you’ll discover in this program is how to permanently get your team all fired up and eager to assist you in growing your practice.

Amongst other things you will be able to offer best option dentistry, taking on and doing more of the procedures you enjoy.

Here’s a sneak peek into some of the little known legal, ethical shortcuts and proven effective business strategies covered in the “Dental Profit Secrets” program:

  • A simple strategy that can cut new patient no-shows by up to 60% and give your practice a $360,000 bump!
  • A highly successful way to energise new patient referrals from your patients before they set foot in your door.
  • How to add a bare minimum of $50,000 in elective cosmetic cases this year regardless of any economic conditions
  • How to create a consistent and robust new patient flow
  • Why your team bonus system isn’t working… or at least nearly the way you and your team wish it would and the simple steps you need to implement to fix it that they will love
  • A technique to get paid upfront even in a tough economic climate and the very timely secret of avoiding collection problems
  • The exact words you need to use and memorise to gain instant patient trust
  • How to add an instant $27,000 bump to your practice bottom line using a very simple and easy technique starting virtually tomorrow morning

“Our Business Is Expanding And Our Friends Can’t Believe It!!”

“Darryl has helped us with everything including advice on the logo’s and presentation for our business cards and also the graphics on our business car which eventually led to him advising us on our website set up too.

Our friends are now asking more questions on how easily we started our business and how seamless everything has fallen into place. I think some thought it was that easy it was “To good to be true” or just a “Flash in the pan” but our business is expanding and they just can’t believe it. When they saw the website and car covered in graphics they now realise it’s the real deal!”

~ Darren Hata and Abby Hudson, Australind, WA

  • A simple approach that will almost effortlessly increase patient referrals dramatically within 45 days
  • How to turn a struggling or “barely breaking even” Dental Practice into a World Class Practice that is a desirable asset to any cashed up investor. Even if you are not looking to sell your practice now… you will in the future. Imagine retiring on a 7 or 8 figure nest egg from the sale of your thriving practice!
  • What to do when some team members put in 150% while others ask “What’s in it for me?”
  • One critical word you must never say to your patients.
  • Why it is important to have your hygienist, receptionist and technician involved in the growth of your practice… and for you to keep control of what they do (This will boost your practice’s success and secure their jobs!)
  • How to get recognised as the leading “Go To” dentist in your area without spending $10,000’s on PR firms
  • The truth about attracting higher paying, better qualified patients. Once you know this simple fact… you will never look at patients the same way again!
  • The secret technique to doubling hygiene recall
  • How to get local doctors, physiotherapists, chiropractors, surgeons, acupuncturists, and other specialists to refer you on a REGULAR basis
  • Proof that 95% of your patients can afford recommended care and exactly what “I can’t afford it” and “I’ll think about it” really means
  • How to effectively present financial options and exactly what to say to patients
  • A simple method to get patients to go beyond what their insurance pays
  • The technique of adding an endo or perio specialist to your practice that can make you at least $50,000 extra pa with no risk
  • Financing the unfinanciable. Why you should never listen to the “gurus” about not doing this and how to mitigate financial risk and routinely perform care. This can become a very profitable part of your practice
  • Deploying a recall system that closes the back door and fills hygiene chairs
  • Why not making time now to grow your practice will severely affect your cash flow in the future. When you know how to and what to invest your time in… you’ll wonder what to do with all the spare time you have on your hands!
  • How to get dozens of applicants to apply for your next vacant position and hire Superstar members that your team will be thrilled to work alongside
  • Your Hygienist is currently OVERPAID and UNDER-PRODUCING. How to get them earning more as well as putting more big cases into your chair
  • A step-by-step guide to achieving maximum acceptance of best option long term quadrant prosthetic dentistry
  • Plus much, much more…

As you can see, I haven’t held anything back – and what I have touched on above is hardly scratching the surface of everything I know and have to share. There’s an entire gammut more waiting for you.

Anyone Can Talk The Talk… But Few Can Actually Walk It!

These days there are a ton of so called “guru’s” who are spruiking about how to make money. The disturbing thing about many of them is, the only way they make their money is by talking about it and selling “one size fits all” or “cookie cutter” systems… not by actually doing it.

For example, they go to the United States and bring back a “plug and play” marketing system that works over there… but the problem is Australia is a very different market.

Australians generally despise the American style of selling and if you use it on them… they will go elsewhere. You need a system that works here in our Australian market because that’s where your patients are.

“Beyond My Expectations!”

“Thank you for your incredible business package which has been beyond my expectations and for your continuous support.

When I received your “Platinum Edition” membership package, I was amazed with the amount and quality of information that it contains. Every page is truly valuable!”

~ Stuart Dean, Mulalloo, WA

In the “Dental Profits Secrets” program, you’ll know exactly what works here and how to seamlessly incorporate these tools and skills to be firmly in control of your business, and make no mistake your practice is a business.

In Business You Don’t Have Time For Guess Work Or Expensive Trial And Error… You Need Proven And Tested Strategies and Techniques!

This is an exclusive program and I am limiting the number of Dentists I allow into the first group.

It makes sense to allow the early action takers to get a head start on other Dentists, who may be slower or blind to see the value of such a practice boosting opportunity.

The funny thing about success is there are people who will gladly take action to get to where they want to be… and then there are others who will wait and wait… and then make every excuse (or even argue) for why something won’t work for them.

As a dentist I’m sure you can understand what I mean… it’s like when you present treatment for a patient whose teeth are in dire need of urgent attention and they say they’ll have to think about.

I prefer to work with the action takers… people who are driven by success. People who know they deserve more and are ready to get it. People who have no time for excuses or arguing to stay in mediocrity.

So enough talking about the Dental Profits Secrets program…

It’s Time To Pull Back The Covers And See How This Works…
Don’t You Think?

The “Dental Profits Secrets” program is designed to take your practice from where it is now – and turn it into a world class practice. One you can be truly proud of and one your colleagues will be envious of (and a highly sought after practice that the big cashed up corporations will want to buy from you in the future!)

The program is the result of over 25 years worth of business and personal growth and an investment of hundreds of thousands of dollars in my business education. (I immigrated to Australia from South Africa almost without a cent to my name. I had to quickly work out a way to change my fortune and I did!)

I’ve travelled down the rough rocky road, made all the mistakes, taken the wrong turns and wasted money on programs that had no chance of working. I wanted to be successful so I perservered until I found the right path.

Your path however can be clear of obstacles, detours, time and money-wasting delays. With me guiding you, you’ll be on the freeway in the express lane all the way!

The longer you stay in the program… the more you’ll pick up, the more your practice and your life will benefit.

So to give you a better idea of how the Dental Profits Secrets program works, here’s a quick overview:

  • Each month you’ll receive a training session designed for you, the Doctor. Each session is based on proven and tested practice building, management techniques or patient strategies for easy implementation into your practice
  • The trainings are delivered as video, audio and in document format. So no matter what your preferred method is… we have you covered
  • You can download the trainings onto your portable devices, so you can access them wherever and whenever you want. You’ll also recieve them in hard copy, DVD’s and CD’s
  • Your trainings are structured for immediate implementation so that you can experience rapid results
  • You’ll have full access to your membership area at any time for as long as you are subscribed to the “Dental Profits Secrets” program… and you will have access to all past trainings and downloads so you can revise and refresh your knowledge anytime you like
  • You will receive email support for any queries, questions and concerns you may have

“Always Provided Me With Quick, Accurate Answers To Any Questions”

dental seminar Australia“The backup and support service received personally from Darryl has been extraordinary. Anytime I have a quick question, I have simply emailed Darryl about it and received a fast, same day response. Darryl has always provided me with quick, accurate answers to any questions.”

~ Michael Heyne, Bray Park, QLD

  • No lock in contracts. Your subscription is paid monthly. You can leave at any time you want.
  • You’ll have access to strategies and systems. A Licence to use my staff training’s, templates, examples of ads and other killer marketing material for your own professional use in your practice for as long as you are a member.

My goal is to make the Dental Profits Secrets program as user friendly and as affordable as I can. There’s no fluff or filler… it is all 100% usable strategies and information. You are busy enough without having to sort through piles of information to find what is important to you.

You simply need to click on a link and the information is there for you in one convenient place or insert a DVD into your player.

The Skills And Techniques I Share In The Dental Profits Secrets Program Are What I Use In My 7 Figure Businesses Every Day!

This program will be the best investment you’ll ever make towards the success of your practice and probably even better than any new equipment you can buy or new clinical techniques you could learn.

Big call? I don’t think so.

Many Dentists frequently buy new equipment or learn new dental techniques. But that doesn’t make them any different or stand out in their patient’s eyes. In most cases their new equipment just becomes another item that they battle to pay off or the new technique seldom gets practiced because they don’t know how to get patients to accept the treatment.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not suggesting you use outdated or inferior equipment. Nor am I suggesting you shouldn’t keep up to date with new techniques or provide anything less than the best possible care you can provide. But in reality, patients don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.

What will differentiate you is how you attract, treat and retain new and current patients. Getting them to opt for best treatment dentistry. You’ll also discover the secret skills to assembling a first class team around you that will have your Practice’s best interests at heart.

Sound Marketing and Management Is Essential To The Success Of Any Business… and Yours Is No Different!

This is why the Dental Profits Secrets program is so critical and why you need to seriously consider what I am about to offer you.

As the Dental Profit Secrets program is brand new by joining now you will gain an unfair advantage over your local competitors. And I have made it as easy as I could for you to say “yes”.

Now to hire a highly successful business mentor with a PROVEN track record like me that knows your industry would cost around $3,000 – $7,000 a month. You could also find a generic business coach who is great at telling you what to do, but has no real business success themselves, for under $1,000 a month.

Or you can subscribe to the Dental Profits Secrets program and have access to my knowledge, proven practice management concepts, patient acquisition and referral techniques, clinical strategies, case presentation techniques, marketing and promotional templates, tactics and more starting from as little as $97 a month.

PLUS for a LIMITED TIME only I’m giving you the opportunity to test drive the Program for a full 30 Days… FREE.

Yes, you read that right! A COMPLIMENTARY 30 Day Trial and thereafter from only $97 a month. And if you feel it’s not right for you, then you can cancel at any time. There are no lock-in contracts.

For a LIMITED TIME you can try the program for the next 30 days as my GIFT to YOU. No strings attached.

Why? Because how can you know if the program is right for you if you don’t try it. So try it for free, on me, for the next month and then decide for yourself.

Download and benefit from the content as it becomes available to you and if at any time you feel that this is not for you then just cancel within the first 30 days and it won’t cost you a penny.

All I ask is $7 to contribute towards the postage and handling of your Start-up Kit. It contains over $2,888.00 value of complimentary videos, audios and other materials (DVD’s, CD’s, documents, etc.) to get you started.

And For The Dentist Who Is More Serious About
Accelerating The Success Of Their Practice…
There Are The Gold And Platinum Memberships

The Gold membership contains everything the Silver membership has and also includes:

  • Quarterly Q&A webinars – every quarter we meet up online for up to 90 minutes to answer questions you or any other members may have concerning marketing, advertising, staff or patient issues, practice management and more
  • Computer Enhanced Cosmetic Smile Imaging – buying decisions are based on emotion. The first cosmetic case acceptance due to our imaging will pay for your membership for years to come! During the program you will also discover the steps to present Cosmetic Smile Imaging to ADD $20,000 a month in cosmetic cases from EXISTING patients
  • Monthly Staff Meetings – sit back and relax while once a month I’ll run a profit growth focussed virtual staff meeting for you and your staff that’s a lot of fun

The Platinum membership includes all of the above PLUS:

  • DONE-FOR-YOU Patient Connect Monthly Profit System – remain fresh in your patients minds with regular contact. Each month you’ll receive a multi-media marketing system to use for internal and external marketing for your practice to alert new and existing patients of specific available treatments.
  • Customisable Practice Calendars –designed to boost referral to your practice. Choose from Implants, Sleep Apnoea or design your own. Excludes printing.
  • 15 New Personalised Patient Promotional Mugs per month. I’ll show you a simple technique to turn a new patient into an instant raving fan with these custom designed gifts.
  • Advanced Marketing Arsenal – print ads, flyers, radio ads, post cards, lumpy mail, new patient strategies. You’ll get a new piece every few months that you can instantly use or modify as you wish.

Starting from as little as $97/month I could easily be asking a lot more for this practice changing program. In fact the Silver Membership with all the content rich training is easily worth at least $597 per month.

I know the potential that this program has to help you grow your practice, boost profits and change your life. You haven’t experienced this yet, and you won’t, without this program. So I want to make this a no-brainer for you to join. On top of your 30 Day Risk Fee Trial I want to give you something special.

Like me, you probably like a great deal… so I have included a few bonuses to make your decision easier!

If you subscribe within the next 7 days, you’ll also receive…

Bonus 1: One FREE Comprehensive Website Critique valued at $300

You have less than 3 seconds to catch someone’s attention online. Get this wrong and you could be missing out on tens of thousands of dollars each month in lost new patients. During this critique you’ll find out if your website lacks any of the essential elements, crucial to acquiring more new patients.

I’m not talking about pretty pictures and fancy graphic design here. These essential elements are commonly left out on many business and dental websites resulting in poor performance and $10,000’s in lost revenue.

When you subscribe, you will receive a comprehensive website critique so you can see the areas of your website that are lacking and how you can fix it.

You’ll be surprised at how the smallest detail or the tiniest tweak can boost the engagement and conversion rate of your website.

Bonus 2: A FREE Marketing Critique for 1 of Your Ads or Brochures valued at $400

Your marketing material can make or break your practice. You need to know what will work before you pay for expensive advertising and printing costs. There’s a specific formula to how ads and brochures should be set up. The reader has a natural “readership path.” Get it wrong and you have just wasted your time, effort and money.

Your ad or brochure won’t stand out from the clutter and will be thrown away with the other junk mail fading into obscurity.

This marketing critique is invaluable and can help save you thousands of dollars in hard advertising costs and even more in lost business through poor response rates.

Bonus 3: Up to 50% Members Discount Rates to Events

Get up to 50% discount to any live events and workshops held by me for the duration of your membership.

Bonus 4: (Strictly For Gold and Platinum Members Only)

Team Bonus System (valued at $697)
Boost your team’s performance and increase your profits with a proven 9-Step Team Bonus System that your staff will love because they know and believe it actually works for them.

Bonus 5: (Strictly For Gold and Platinum Members Only)

2 Mastermind Retreats per year (valued at $3,994)
There is no better THOUGHT PROVOKING and POWERFUL force in the universe than the power of the mastermind!

Seize this opportunity to meet with like-minded colleagues in an informal environment to discuss your most pressing need or problem and discover what others are doing in their practices that you could implement in yours to create a HUGE profit surge. You will be given the opportunity to join together with myself and your peers to mastermind your business and increase your profits. Held at my home or on the Gold Coast.

Bonus 6: (Strictly For Platinum Members Only)

TWO FREE 17 Minute Personal Practice Power Calls (value $1,500)
You are busy and so am I… so these calls are filled with strategies and workable solutions to your specific business problems. The call is customised to your practice and your individual situation.

17 minutes may not sound like a long time… however after 17 minutes, you will have pages filled with notes and useable strategies specific to your practice.

I rarely give any one-to-one time with me, so this bonus is invaluable.

Bonus 7: (Strictly For Platinum Members Only)

2 x “Emergency” Phone Consultations (valued at $2200)
When you need a solution or strategy in a hurry, you can cash in one of your “Emergency” Phone Consultations and I will get back to you within 48 hours.

Bonus 8: (Strictly For Platinum Members Only)

4 x Group Mastermind Meetings per year (valued at $1600)
We will meet up 4 times a year in a web based Mastermind. This way there is no travel or accommodation costs – and there is no down time in your practice. We will share high end strategies and solutions to issues and share what’s making you money.

Bonus 9: (Strictly For Platinum Members Only)

1 x Custom Designed Practice Pull Up Banner (valued at $390)
Let us custom design and produce a pull up banner for your practice with whatever message you want on it. If it is a complete new design we may also make it available to other members to benefit from as well. Use this banner to promote your practice internally or externally.

Bonus 10: (Strictly For Platinum Members Only)

Customised Patient Connect Team Badges (valued at $1200)
We’ll custom design and produce team badges for you specific to a service your practice offers that has not been highlighted in our program yet. (4 x unique designs per year)

Bonus 11: (Strictly For Platinum Members Only)

4 x Ad or Marketing Material Critiques per year (valued at $1600)
Make sure your marketing material is the best it can be before you spend your hard earned money on printing and other media.

…Okay, We’ve come to Decision Time!

If you are frustrated with the quality of your patients, tired of hearing “No” to your proposed treatment plans, feeling stressed by increased competition and declining profits and you need guidance to get back on track – then this program is for you.

If business is going well for you now and your income is satisfactory, but you know you could be doing better… this program can help you take your practice to the next level.

If you feel like a slave to your practice, you’re working too hard and you know there must be a better way… then this program is what you need.

If you can’t stand the negative energy in your office but you don’t know how to fix it or you want to make sure that when you’re ready to retire you can do it on your own terms with the financial resources at hand to keep you in the lifestyle you desire.… then this program is definitely for you.

However, I Have To WARN You…

This program is not for everyone.

If you are already operating at 100% efficiency and you’re ecstatic with the profits your practice is currently generating – then this program is NOT for you.

If you are not an action taker then this program is NOT for you.

Or if you’re the kind of dentist who is not open to new ideas and resists pretty much everything new they come across, thinking they already have all the answers – then this program is definitely NOT for you!

So, if you are the kind of dentist that would like to make more profit whilst working less then I urge you apply for this program now while you have this offer and the opportunity still exists for you to become the local “Go-to” dentist in your area.

Imagine having complete control over your practice and your financial future, being able to make more money while working less, where you get to pick and choose only the most qualified patients. Imagine being able to take off more time each month then you work yet still make more profit than you ever did before.

“worth $1000’s more than what I paid for it”

dental marketing expert australia“Having previously spent over $130,000 for information which is really quite useless, I actually feel guilty about purchasing this package because it is worth $1000’s more than what I paid for it. You are truly generous with your information and time. I am so grateful!”

~ Justin Cooper, Cranbourne, VIC

For Most Dentists… The Silver Membership Is Pretty Much A No Brainer!

You get business boosting strategies, solid marketing techniques based on experience (not theory!) and it is all conveniently delivered to your inbox every month. It is a lower price but requires more time and action on your behalf to make it work.

Besides what you will discover about marketing and growing your practice in the Silver Membership, the Gold Membership is focussed on empowering you with the skills to create a first class team around you, because without them you would have no business, and the better they perform so will your business.

The Gold Membership contains additional materials to inspire your team to aid you to grow your practice. It provides you with Done-For-You trainings that you can use to guide and teach your staff in the art of dental marketing that will further assist you to grow and enhance your practice. Areas covered relate to all aspects of dealing with patients, administrative procedures, presentation and customer care techniques as well as marketing exercises that that they can implement, taking the burden off you.

The Platinum Membership contains a lot more additional Done-For-You material that focuses on PROVEN marketing materials allowing you or your staff to almost instantly roll out new marketing campaigns attracting more new patients, increasing referrals and inspiring existing patients to request additional treatments. Your staff can also almost instantly roll out these campaigns using tested templates or adjust them as you please. This membership level is primarily designed for the doctor who does not want to spend the time and effort in creating marketing and promotional copy themselves but simply wants to get the job done with minimum hassle and maximum results.

The Gold and Platinum packs are more of a financial commitment, but the time required is less because a lot of it is done for you. You still receive the trainings so you know what to do… I just do a lot of it for you.

With all the bonuses… the “Dental Profit Secrets” Gold program is valued at $25,547 however your investment in the program is only $297 per month.

And the “Dental Profit Secrets” Platinum program is valued at a massive $53,814 however you won’t pay that price today. I have made this as affordable as I can and your investment will only be $797 per month.

If you are at all concerned about the investment… just one simple technique you’ll discover and can implement immediately once you get the program can add $27,000 to your annual bottom line!

Another strategy can cut new patient no shows by up to 60% and give your practice a $360,000 spike. Just one extra case of quadrant dentistry can easily cover your membership for the entire year.

The boost the Team Bonus System and Monthly Staff Meetings can give your practice, not only in morale but also to your bottom line profits as every staff member starts really working together as a team can easily cover your monthly membership investment many times over.

If you were to engage a good copywriter to create monthly Patient Connect campaigns, for that copy alone you can easily expect to pay around $1000 a month with no other training or marketing assistance.

You’ll be getting all of this in the Dental Profit Secrets programs as well as world class marketing and management strategies for building a far more profitable practice whilst working less.

So Let’s Take A Look At The Dental Profit Secrets Programs In Detail Again…

Here’s what you get…

Description Value Silver Gold Platinum
Monthly Practice Boosting Training delivered to your inbox, access to the Membership area and full email support ($597/month) $7,164
Bonus 1: One FREE Comprehensive Website Critique $300
Bonus 2: A FREE Marketing Critique For 1 Of Your Ads or Brochures $400
Bonus 3: Up to 50% Members Discount Rates to Events $6,000
Quarterly Members Q&A Webinar ($197/quarter) $788
Computer Simulated Cosmetic Smile Imaging ($60 ea) $2,880 2/mth 4/mth
Done-For-You Monthly Staff Meetings ($397/month) $4,764
Bonus 4: Team Bonus System $697
Bonus 5: 2 Mastermind Retreats per year (2 x $1,997) $3,994
Done-for-You Patient Connect Monthly Profit System – Multi-media marketing system comprised of flyers, emails, badges ($797/month) $9,564
Practice Calendar Design $297
Customised Patient Promotional Mugs (15/month) $4,500
Advanced Marketing Arsenal (4 x $994/year) $3,976
Bonus 6: 2 x 17 minute Practice Power Calls (2 x $750) $1,500
Bonus 7: 2 x “Emergency” Phone Consultations (2 x $1,100) $2,200
Bonus 8: 4 Web based Group Mastermind Meetings per year from the comfort of your own home or office.($400/quarter) $1,600
Bonus 9: Practice Pull Up Banner $390
Bonus 10: Patient Connect Team Badges Custom designed and produced (4 x $300) $1,200
Bonus 11: 4 x Additional Ad or Marketing Material Critiques (4 x $400) $1,600
Twelve Month Value: $53,814 $13,864 $25,547 $53,814
Your Monthly Investment: $97 $297 $797

PLUS you’ll also get…

The Chance To Win A Personal One-on-One ½ Day Coaching Consult With Me valued at $8,000

This telephone consultation is by appointment only. We will brainstorm your practice and can dissect every part of it so you can see how to maximise your profits, cut costs and attract higher paying patients. To utilise your consult the best and get maximum results please feel free to break your ½ day consult into 4 x 1 hour consults.

You’ll receive one entry for every month you are actively subscribed to the Dental Profit Secrets program (Silver members). Gold and Platinum program members will receive 2 entries per month. This prize is drawn annually.

And it gets even better… Your satisfaction is completely guaranteed!

Even though all of the Dental Profit Secrets memberships represent tremendous value for money… just in case there is some lingering doubt, I have decided to make your investment completely risk free!

Introducing my outrageous, industry first…

10 Times Your Investment, DOUBLE Your Money Back Guarantee

I personally guarantee you will be absolutely delighted with the Dental Profit Secrets program. In fact, if you make a diligent effort to implement the tips and techniques, using the entire program as instructed, you will make at least 10 times your investment in this package over the next year!

In the unlikely event you don’t make 10 times your investment in this package over the next 12 months… I’ll give you DOUBLE your money back.

satisfaction guaranteeI can’t be fairer than that…

The risk is totally on me!

For a LIMITED time, when you join the “Dental Profit Secrets” program you will get a full 30 days trial membership to see if it is right for you.

Right now you have no way of knowing if this program is for you and how much you and your practice will benefit from it. So I’d like you to try it out first before you make a decision. Watch the trainings and use what you discover. And in the unlikely event you change your mind, that’s okay. If you no longer want to be the “Go-to” Dentist in your area, or don’t want to grow your practice so you can have more time off, or if you are happy with where your practice is, just let me know within your 30 day trial period and we’ll cancel your membership, no questions asked. And as a way of me thanking you for giving it a go I’d like you to keep your Start-up Kit containing over $2,888.00 value of complimentary videos, audios and other materials.

Personally, I believe there is no better way to grow your practice, increase your profits and become the “Go To” Dentist in your area. All the while building a highly sellable asset for your retirement… than using these proven marketing and management techniques. This is why I am ALSO giving you my Outrageous Industry First, DOUBLE Your Money Back Guarantee!

I’m so confident of the benefits that this program will bring to both you, your staff and your practice that I’m also giving you an unheard of 12 Month, TEN TIMES Your Investment Guarantee as shown above. You have a full year to go through the program. Use all the techniques and information to grow your practice and if you don’t make at least 10 times your investment that you have spent with me back from this program… tell me and I’ll give you DOUBLE your money back.

Now if you are thinking of investing in this program with a view to doing nothing with it and then doubling your money, don’t bother, I’m no sucker. If you can’t show me that you have applied all the strategies with your team then sorry, you won’t qualify for double your money back.

So here’s what I’d like you to do. Listen to and watch every training. Read the transcripts or listen to the audios on your way to the practice. Explore and use all the materials. Put these simple, low-cost strategies to the test for a full 12 months. Then decide for yourself.

The way I see it, you now have 2 choices…

  1. You can do nothing… continuing to do what you have always done to market and grow your practice. This is exactly the same as everyone else… You will eventually drown in the Sea of Indifference!… Working in the job you have created for yourself because if there were no you… there would be no practice!


  1. You can commit to your own practice success and financial future… and start to use these almost magical practice growth techniques to boost your productivity, profits and free up your time.

To do this you can:

  1. Apply for the Silver Membership $97 per month (valued at $13,864 over a year)…
    Or, apply for the Gold Membership $297 per month (valued at $25,547 over a year)…
    Or, apply for the Platinum Membership $797 per month (valued at $53,814 over a year) …
  2. Then, upon acceptance, explore the program. Use every tip and technique to unlock the hidden profits in your practice
  3. Use your bonus critiques, masterminding opportunities and Practice Power Calls (depending on your membership level) to boost your practice and accelerate your success…

And even after all this, if you still don’t think the Dental Profit Secrets program is for you…

I’ll Refund You DOUBLE Every Cent You Invested With Me In The Dental Profit Secrets Program!!

If You Want To Get In On This Rare Opportunity… You Need To Act Now!

To be eligable for all your free bonuses you must apply within the next 7 days!

So what are you waiting for?

Imagine the feeling of walking into your practice and knowing all your chair time is filled, your staff are busy and happy. How proud you will feel knowing your practice is everything you hoped it would be? How powerful will the financial security that you have created feel… can you handle the freedom working less hours?

There is no time to be indecisive or procrastinate… you need to take action now and claim back your dream of owning a busy, successful and highly profitable practice. If you don’t… another Dentist in your area will!

To your health, happiness and success!

Darryl Phipson Signature
Darryl Phipson
Dental Marketing Success

P.S. Other Dentists that have been invited to join the Dental Profit Secrets program have given great feedback on how much this type of program is needed. Don’t let another Dentist grab an unfair share of the available market in your area! Click here to secure your position today!

P.P.S. Think about where you will be a year, or even 10 years from now if you don’t subscribe to the Dental Profit Secrets program today. You will probably still be in the same position, getting the same old financial results year after year, working hard to fund your retirement and perhaps the worst part of all – watching other dentists enjoy the life of your dreams! All because they decided to invest in the Dental Profit Secrets program… shouldn’t it be YOU as well!

P.P.P.S. Apply NOW ensure that you secure the following BONUSES. Depending on your membership level you’ll receive…

  • Bonus 1: One FREE Comprehensive Website Critique value $300
  • Bonus 2: A FREE Marketing Critique for any advert or brochure value $400
  • Bonus 3: Up to 50% Members Discount Rates to Events value up to $6,000
  • Bonus 4: Team Bonus System value $697
  • Bonus 5: 2 Mastermind Retreats per year value $3,994
  • Bonus 6: 2 x 17 minute Practice Power Calls per year value $1,500
  • Bonus 7: 2 x “Emergency” Phone Consultations value $2,200
  • Bonus 8: 4 Web based Group Mastermind Meetings per year from the comfort of your own home or office value $1,600
  • Bonus 9: Practice Pull Up Banner value $390
  • Bonus 10: Customised Patient Connect Team Badges valued at $1,200
  • Bonus 11: 4 x Ad or Marketing material Critiques per year value $1,600

PLUS don’t forget that you will also recieve the chance to Win A ½ Day Consult With Me valued at $8,000!

Apply NOW to ensure that you secure the above BONUSES.

P.P.P.P.S. It is only natural that you will have a few questions so I have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions and answers below.

All Your Questions Answered…

  1. Q: Isn’t it too expensive?
    A: If you could get just one extra patient a month as a result of the program, this could more than cover your investment. Just one simple technique you will discover, with instant results, can show you how to instantly bump your revenue by $27,000 annually. Another will show you how to add a bare minimum of $20,000 in elective cosmetic cases EACH MONTH from EXISTING patients and a third will show you how to grow your business by $360,000 each year. Your membership can be claimed as a tax deduction and will easily pay for itself 10 times over in the next year. I guarantee it!
  2. Q: My practice is different, will it work for me?
    A: YES. Although each practice is different the principles of business are universal and apply to all businesses, especially your practice. I personally guarantee it will work for you if you put in the effort.
  3. Q: I’m busy enough, I don’t have time to implement this.
    A: Less than an hour or so each week is all you need to input to begin seeing results. Start by using your patient no-show gaps or last minute cancellation spots (until I show you how to fix these). If you are serious about improving your practice profits and your lifestyle this is a small ask. Besides the hour you invest now will save you time in the future.
  4. Q: I this is only for the Australian market?
    A: No, it can be applied to any dental practice anywhere in the world.
  5. Q: I’ve tried programs in the past and they didn’t work.
    A: I have a proven track record – see the testimonials from past and present people I’ve helped. My program is guaranteed to work or your money back. I don’t want to take your money if I can’t help you.
  6. Q: Do I need to invest in more expensive dental equipment?
    A: It’s not at all necessary. It’s about the techniques you use to communicate with patients, getting them to accept best option dentistry and your approach towards your practice.
  7. Q: I have tried programs in the past. My staff will never go for it.
    A: This is an issue common to most dental practices. I will show you how to approach and easily overcome this so that your staff will want to embrace what I will be revealing to you and them. They will be more motivated at work and will genuinely want to help grow the practice revenues.
  8. Q: It is too difficult to implement.
    A: Throughout the program you will receive many different strategies and techniques. You don’t have to implement them all immediately. Simply choose the ones that suit you best and begin with those to start seeing rapid results.
  9. Q: I don’t want to wait a year to find out if this program will work for me.
    A: In the first month you will discover techniques that you can instantly apply to your practice to gain immediate results, however in order to see more of the bigger picture it will take 6 to 12 months as patients return on recall and for additional dental work to be able to properly monitor your results.
  10. Q: I have tried other programs before. They did not work for me.
    A: You will find this program unlike any other dental training you have ever experienced. The principles you will discover have successfully worked in thousands of industries worldwide. At first, my techniques could seem a bit unusual but you will soon discover how well they work and how “small hinges swing big doors”. Just a little tweak to what you are currently doing can make a huge difference.
  11. Q: Will this work for my practice, you see I live in a small town?
    A: Most definitely. This program will work for you irrespective of where your practice is located. Whether it be a large city or small sleepy hollow it really makes no difference at all as the principles you will be discovering can be applied universally with the same predictable results.
  12. Q: I need to think about it, I’m quite busy right now.
    A: Every day you leave this decision unmade, is an extra day that your practice will remain the same and another day that your practice continues to haemorrhage profits.

    Don’t let another Dentist seize this opportunity to become the “Go To” Dentist in your area because you missed your chance.

    This current program intake is limited to only 75 Practices and is filling up fast. Once these positions have been taken I will look at withdrawing this program. The reason being that the higher Gold and Platinum memberships are labour intensive for me (not you). I cannot work at a higher capacity than this.

    To ensure a position and to receive your additional free bonuses you will need to apply within the next 7 days.

So now it’s over to you. What do you want? What are you willing to do? If you’ve been looking for a way to increase your dental profits… work less and have more quality time with your loved ones… or even have more time for yourself… then Dental Profit Secrets is for you! Click below to get started today!